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ServisFirst International Banking provides clients with a complete line of international banking solutions which include the following services

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International Payments

ServisFirst offers international wire transfer services on behalf of customers in U.S. dollars and foreign currencies through online, phone or in-person requests. Our customers are also able to receive international wires from countries around the world in USD and foreign currencies.

Foreign Exchange

Our team maintains contact with the foreign exchange markets throughout the world, keeping abreast of factors influencing market movements. We provide competitive quotes for immediate delivery (spot) or future delivery (forward) transactions.

International Check Processing

We provide customers with immediate credit for checks drawn on Canadian banks. This allows the customer to know the U.S. dollar value of the checks deposited to their account. Checks in foreign currencies other than Canadian can be sent to the paying bank on a collection basis.

Travel Money

Foreign banknotes are handy when traveling abroad and are available to our customers in many currencies.

Export Letters of Credit

ServisFirst consults with clients to structure export letters of credit prior to issuance by a foreign bank. Except for cash in advance, the export letter of credit offers the seller the greatest degree of protection available in receiving payments for exports.

Import Letters of Credit

Letters of credit are issued on behalf of our customers to facilitate purchases abroad. In this way, the seller is assured of payment when shipment is made within the terms of the credit, while the buyer is secure in knowing that no payment will be made until all conditions of the letter of credit have been met.

International Standby Letters of Credit

Letters of credit assure the beneficiary of payment if the bank’s customer fails to perform. Frequent uses are for bid and performance bonds, advance payment guarantees, foreign bank guarantees, payment mechanisms and warranties.

Documentary Collections

ServisFirst facilitates the processing of documentary collections for our importing and exporting customers. Payment terms include sight drafts (DP) or time drafts (DA) to ensure documents are delivered to the buyer only after payment or acceptance.

International Financing Services

ServisFirst Bank can provide customers with financing specifically designed to fit the specialized needs and requirements of each situation. Financing can be arranged directly by us or in conjunction with The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM Bank) and/or the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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