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“ServisFirst Bank never ceases to impress me. Their Remote Deposit Xpress allows the Diocese to make deposits electronically from the convenience of our office. We simply run checks through a desktop scanner and they are sent for deposit. With the support of ServisFirst’s Cash Management Department our banking has never been better.”

~Bob Sellers
CFO, Catholic Diocese of 
Birmingham in Alabama

"It's a welcoming feeling walking into my bank and being acknowledged by my first name. ServisFirst Bank takes a genuine approach not only to understand my banking needs but, to get to know me on a personal level.  I appreciate the level of attentiveness along with the consistent level of service I receive at each visit – this is exactly what I have been looking for in a bank."

~Rocky Barnes
President, PT Solutions

"ServisFirst Bank’s greatest asset lies in its people. My private banker handles both my business and personal accounts which allows her the opportunity to take a more comprehensive analysis of my banking needs and serve me accordingly. It’s a nice feeling knowing that my banker and I see the big picture together."

~Augusta S. Dowd
Vice President & Managing Lawyer
White Arnold & Dowd P.C.

"ServisFirst is unique in that they are a modern bank with an old fashioned approach. They listen to what is important to us and have made our goals their priority."

~Charlie Regan
President, Gorrie Regan

"I have confidence knowing that one call to ServisFirst Bank will result in whatever personal attention is required to satisfy our needs."

~Kathy Perkins
Perkins Technical

 The thought of moving our practice accounts over to another bank seemed overwhelming. After careful consideration, we slowly began moving our accounts and have not looked backed. Two years later, we continue to be amazed by the level of service and attention we receive. ServisFirst Bank has truly changed our entire perspective about the banking industry. They understand the needs of the group and keep their promises."

~Ralph B. Fillmore, MD

"I enjoy the personal attention to banking that ServisFirst provides. Being able to pick up the phone, call my personal banker, and have her answer the phone means the world to me. ServisFirst takes customer service to a whole new level."

~Eli L. Brown, MD
Eli L. Brown, MD PC


Driven to help our clients succeed.