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Business Internet Banking

E-Servis Business Banking

  • Conveniently access your account information safely and securely.
  • View up-to-the minute account balances and detailed activity on your checking & money market account, as well as installment loans, CDs & lines of credit.
  • Search for transactions by date, amount, or check number.
  • View the front and back of check images online.
  • Account transactions can be downloaded to software such as Quicken, Quickbooks, Microsoft Money, Personal Finance, Spreadsheet and Word Processing.
  • Transfer funds between eligible ServisFirst Bank accounts.
  • Place stop payments on checks.
  • No monthly fee or setup fee. 

Advanced E-Servis Business Banking*

  • Same capabilities as E-Servis Business Banking with more comprehensive features designed for business clients with unique needs.
  • Concentrate and disburse funds via ACH origination services.
  • Initiate domestic outgoing wires online.
  • Make online payments with ease through ServisFirst Bill Pay.


Security for Business Internet Banking

Cyber-crime has taken an upward trend and financial institutions are tracking a heightened number of fraud incidents. ServisFirst Bank takes a layered approach for online security because there is not one single solution or silver bullet for online security. We strongly encourage all business online customers to implement the following security measures:

  • VeriSign VIP Tokens - A secure token device provides a one-time use password entry into internet banking accounts. Secure token authentication is only required at login.
  • IP Restrict – Client provides a list of allowable IP Addresses and all others will be restricted from accessing the internet banking portal.
  • Time Restrict - This tool prevents users from accessing the internet banking portal outside their own individually designated hours.
  • Dual Control ACH and Wire Originations – Prevents a single user from creating, then initiating or transmitting an outgoing ACH batch or Wire Transfer request online without secondary approval.


Remote Deposit Xpress

  • Allows you to make check deposits electronically from your office rather than in person at the bank.
  • Requires only a basic PC and a high speed Internet connection.
  • A small desktop scanner is provided allowing check deposits to be made from your office.
  • All deposited checks are archived for research & report creation. 


Sweep Services

Commercial Credit Line Sweep

  • Minimize your company’s interest expenses.
  • Reduce administrative hassles of manual transfers.
  • Transfers interact between a business line of credit and Corporate Checking, providing automatic funding & payments.
  • Funds are automatically swept to reduce a line of credit balance or swept to cover a checking account.      

 Commercial Money Market Investment Sweep

  • Excess collected funds are automatically swept from your Corporate Checking & invested in your Money Market Account.
  • Funds are also advanced from the Money Market Account to cover checks.
  • Eliminates need to physically transfer funds between accounts.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Credit Line Sweep Service.
  • Increase interest income or reduce interest expense.
  • Maximize use of idle funds.

 Zero Balance Accounts

  • Available for commercial clients with multiple depository accounts to ensure the most efficient use of funds.
  • Designates one account as the primary master account for investments and loans, while sub-accounts either advance or draw from the master account daily.
  • Reduces idle balances in multiple accounts.
  • Increases control over deposit & disbursement activities.
  • Helps avoid cost of overdrafts.


Electronic Account Statements


  • Access your account statements online safely & securely.
  • View detailed account transactions & check images the first business day after your statement cycle.
  • Receive email notification when statement is available.
  • Receive information from our secure ServisFirst Bank website to ensure privacy protection of financial information.
  • Electronic delivery of statements allows for prompt account reconciliation. 

CD-ROM Statements

  • Conveniently stores & archives your bank statements & check images on a CD-ROM format every month.
  • The CD-ROM provides all necessary software to upload statement information on your computer.
  • Performs account research quickly by date, check number or amount.
  • View detailed account transactions & check images.

Positive Pay

  • ServisFirst Bank offers Positive Pay as a means to detect check fraud.
  • The bank compares a company’s record of checks issued with checks presented for payment.
  • Customers can either upload check-issued files or manually key items through our internet banking portal each business day.
  • Checks not matching the company’s check-issued file are considered suspicious.
  • Suspicious checks are added to an exception file and the company will have the opportunity to return or approve the item for payment through our internet banking portal.


Credit Card Services

Business Credit Card*

  • Conveniently accepted worldwide and at any ATM.
  • Enroll for a VISA Platinum Card or a VISA PLatinum Card with Cash Back Rewards.
  • With customized credit lines available, you decide how much credit each authorized employee will have.
  • Helps improve financial management and accounts payable/expense oversight.


Personal Credit Cards*

  • Conveniently accepted worldwide and at any ATM.
  • You have a choice of a VISA Platinum Card or a VISA Platinum Card with Cash Back Rewards.
  • 0% introductory APR for 7 billing cycles.
  • Consolidate your credit cards by taking advantage of our Balance Transfer Option


Additional Cash Management Services

Please contact us for further details regarding: 

  • Account Reconciliation
  • Courier Services
  • Paycard Services
  • Retail and Wholesale Lockbox
  • Merchant Services

*Subject to Credit Approval

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