Correspondent Banking



Our account services are designed to provide a strong foundation on which to build a relationship.  Our credit services are a great way to strengthen the relationship by establishing a level of trust and loyalty that will foster future success for our clients.


Account Services

Our account services utilize a delivery channel that is both efficient and reliable.

  • Deposit Accounts
  • Federal Funds Investments
  • Cash Management Sweeps
  • Short-Term Funding Sweeps


Servis1st Access

Servis1st Access is our secure correspondent services platform which offers a full-service experience for financial institutions.

        Click here to learn more about Servis1st Access.


Settlement Services

Our settlement services aggregate clearing and settlement activity into a consolidated account for easy management.

Along with the settlement services, our Servis1st Access online banking platform provides easy access to the transactions, files and information needed to facilitate and support the settlement relationship.

We make the transition to ServisFirst Bank as your settlement point an easy process.  Our approach to the implementation is simple but thorough.  Guided by our Tailored Settlement Service Approach, we make everything from agreements to execution smooth and seamless.  Instead of "here's the options we have", we ask "what options do you need".


Credit Services

Our credit services are a way to build trust and loyalty within the relationship.  Financial Institutions will find ServisFirst to be a valued partner for credit opportunities today and tomorrow.

  • Loan Participations and Overlines
  • Holding Company Loans
  • Board of Director and Executive Accommodation Loans
  • Fed Funds Guidance Lines


Credit Card Program

Our credit card program is structured to assist client institutions in offering a superior credit card product.

  • Two distinct program options to meet the specific needs of the institution's portfolio
  • Ability of client institutions to offer both consumer and business credit card products to their customers and prospects
  • Marketing and portfolio management services provided at no cost to the client institution
  • Simple credit card products offering customers a cash back reward feature
  • We share revenue with our client institutions


International Services

Our International Services program leverages the world's leading foreign exchange specialists to provide foreign currency and transfer services.

  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • FX Wire Transfers


Third-Party Service Partnerships

Opportunities to leverage exceptional products and services through a variety of service partners.