Online Banking

Fraud Prevention

Cyber-crime has taken an upward trend with a heightened number of fraud incidents. At ServisFirst, we have one of the top Internet Security firms in the world monitoring all internet/network traffic that flows in and out of the bank 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Besides active monitoring, we also have active blocking and filtering of cyber attacks.

With this being said, it is also equally important that all of our clients take security just as seriously when it comes to protecting their online banking information. Therefore, it is very important that computers which are used for online banking have internet security measures in place.

These security measures could be in the form of one, or all, of the following: anti-virus, firewall, latest Microsoft Windows updates, user login info and physical security (preventing unauthorized persons from physically using your computer). Please keep in mind that when it comes to online banking, this is a two way street! Proper security on the client's computer is just as important as the security in our bank systems.

If you are interested in different ways to protect your Internet Banking access, please contact your cash management representative about enhanced security functions.

  • Verisign VIP Tokens
  • IP Restrict
  • Time Restrict
  • Dual Control Wire Origination (Business Customers Only)
  • Dual Control ACH Origination (Business Customers Only)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the internet banking department toll free at 1-866-922-5794 or by e-mail at

Please view our online webinar to better understand the risks associated with online banking and how you can protect yourself from online fraud. Click here to view the webinar presentation.