What is Trusteer Rapport?


Trusteer Rapport is security software for use by Cash Management online banking customers.  We are making this software available free of charge to all online banking customers.  This software is used by hundreds of banks and over 30 million computers are protected by Trusteer Rapport.


What does it do?


Secures against Man-in-the Browser and Man-in-the-Middle AttacksTrusteer Rapport locks down the browser to prevent malicious web page injection designed to social engineer victims into surrendering personal information or approving fraudulent transactions.  Trusteer Rapport blocks Man-in-the-middle attacks by validating online banking IP addresses and SSL certificates belong to the genuine website.


Protects against Credential and Personal Information Theft -  Trusteer Rapport prevents login credential and personal information theft used to perpetrate account takeover and cross-channel fraud.  It disables key logging and screen capturing attempts of sensitive application pages such as the login and money transfer pages.


Prevents Malware Infection, Removes Existing Malware -  Once installed, Trusteer Rapport removes existing financial malware from end-user machines and prevents future infections by stopping attempts to exploit browser vulnerabilities and install malware on the endpoint.  Trusteer Rapport provides a simple way for fraud and support teams to remediate threats on endpoints and resume safe online banking.


Stops Phishing of Login Credentials and Payment Card Data -  Trusteer Rapport prevents credential and payment card data theft by detecting suspected phishing sites on first access by a protected user. Trusteer Rapport alerts the user of a possible phishing attempt to prevent data loss. Trusteer experts verify, in near real-time, that the site is in fact malicious. The site is added to Trusteer Rapport’s black list to prevent other users from being phished. The financial institution is notified to allow timely takedown and user re-credential.


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